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Horse riding is a dangerous activity, but through safe horse management and practise we try to minimise the risks involved to both riders and horses. We offer horse riding from Yaraandoo Homestead all year around and currently have 6 horses available. We hope to increase our number of horses to 12 (plus) over the coming months. We agree with and work on the principals and guidelines set out by ATHRA (Australian Trail Horse Riding Association) Code of Conduct as well as those of HAS (Horse Safety Australia). If we were to summarise these policies into a short message it would be something like this… “Practise and teach Safety for all riders and horses at all times and try to infuse these principals with large doses of common sense, courtesy, and respect”.
Each horse riding session commences with 20-30 minutes of pre-ride horse and safety instruction as well as an equipment check. Minimum age for trail riders is 9 years old.


At Yaraandoo Lakeside Retreat we are covered for public liability insurance up to $10.0 million through Affinity Insurance brokers. Our insurance cover also includes horse riding and related activities both on the property and surrounding areas. As part of our insurance cover we have waiver documents to be signed by participants prior to our daily horse riding sessions. These are attached below.

Horses, Tack & Equipment:

We try to match the most suitable horse for each rider and our horses are fitted with stock saddles which we find are comfortable and safe to ride in. We regularly check all our tack and equipment and recommend that riders wear safety helmets which we also provide. Riders who choose not to wear helmets are not covered under our insurance.

Bookings & Rates:

Morning Rides commence at 10:00 am and Afternoon rides at 2:00 pm. Riders can book on the day or in beforehand to avoid disappointment. Morning and afternoon sessions (2 hours) are $100 each per rider for outside guests. For guests staying at Yaraandoo Homestead rates are $75 per session.

Pony Rides:

For our young riders (under 9) we have ponies to ride. These are led around the homestead yard by one of our staff with Mum or Dad walking beside them. Rates are $20 for 15 minutes.

Bring you own horse and ride and stay at Yaraandoo Lakeside Retreat!

We provide the opportunity for you to bring your own horse to our property. Up to 12 horses is practical but we can fit in more depending upon the horses compatibility. For 3 or 5 day treks in the Snowy Mountains please check out our friends at Reynella Horse Treks -

And for an idea of the horseriding experience you can expect at Yaraandoo, check out the Horse Riding Gallery.

Horse Riding Areas

There is excellent horse riding straight across from Yaraandoo around the lake foreshores. Otherwise you can access fantastic riding of the high country from several points including Wares Yards (about 40 minutes with trailer), Long Plain (about an hour) and Dennison at Providence Portal (about 30 minutes).

What to Bring

What to bring: We suggest jeans or jodpurs with riding boots or smooth soled shoes. A warm jumper, coat, gloves and stockings can also come in handy as the weather can get cold and sun screen is a good idea for the high country air. It's probably a good idea to also bring your safety helmets and oil skins for safety and the weather, and your Aussie felt hat will keep the sun out of your eyes during the day and your ears warm around the fire at night.


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